I will be gradually replacing my cookware. I suppose this is something I’ve been doing all along anyway, but I have a tendency to hang onto things much longer than I should. I recently got rid of my largest single-handle pot. It was once an aluminum pressure cooker, but I’d long since lost the lid so it was just a large pot with some jagged bits. It was also beginning to pit a little. I have some similar sized two-handle pots and some much larger pots, but I wanted something to replace the one I was getting rid of as I wanted a pot I could use without pot holders.

This is what I got to replace it.
Strainer Pot

It has a nice handle, is a good size and has the wonderful feature of no sharp bits protruding into the pot on the inside to catch bits of food and slash my hands when I clean it. We found it at Target while looking around for other things and I’m looking forward to using it for the first time. I’m pleased with the spouts and the strainer lid. I think I may want all my pots to have spouts for pouring, they’re so handy.
Strainer Spout

While we were in the pot aisle, Emily pointed out a tiny pot with a spout on another rack

Butter PotThis pot is designed for melting butter or chocolate or other small melting jobs. It was only $5 and I figured it’d be handy to have since I have a tendency to make butter explode when I try to melt it in the microwave. Yes, explode. I now know that butter evenly coats the inside of a microwave when you heat it for too long. It is also difficult to clean. Thus: the butter-melting pot. It too has a spout!

There are two other pots we’d purchased awhile ago, but I want to mention them because they’re so handy. We got these at Ikea and they’re really 2 sizes of the same pot.
Ikea Pots

They’re a little shiny in this shot and because they’re so shiny, I can’t get a clear photo of my favorite feature. Each pot has measurement lines inside! Makes it much easier to measure how much you’re making. I do need to use pot holders for these and they don’t have a spout, so they’re not ideal, but they’re good, solid pots of good sizes. They also have somewhat sharp rims, making them trickier to clean than they might be, but I still find them very handy.

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