I had a great Thanksgiving. Emily and I visited our friends Leigh & Joe & Dot & Rudy down in VA. Leigh & Joe did most of the cooking for Thanksgiving, but I got to make some pies for the weekend and I cooked one dinner. I made my Lemon Meringue pie and my Banana Cream pie. With Emily’s help I think I’ve decided to tone down the booze in the Banana Cream pie. I’m going to eliminate one or both of the shots added to the whipped cream. There’ll still be 4 shots of 99 proof alcohol in the rest of the pie, so it’ll still have a kick, but I don’t think it works as well in the whipped cream. I was excited to be able to bring an 11″ pie plate and a 10″ pie plate to VA with us. I managed to get more of them on eBay, so I don’t have to worry quite as much about transporting them. They’re still rare and expensive, but it isn’t just one irreplaceable 11″ plate any more.

I also made a new pie: Oatmeal chocolate chip. Leigh had suggested that kind of pie, and I found a recipe for an “Amish” oatmeal pie on-line that we modified. She made the crust and I made the filling. When I post the recipe for it, I’ll include the link to the source recipe. We went with that one because it was one of the only ones I found that didn’t require corn syrup. It did require coconut, which we left out. We added additional oatmeal to replace the absorption of the coconut and we added bittersweet chocolate chips. We think it needs some salt next time and I want to add the chips later in the process. The baking time for the pie is 10 minutes at 425 and 30 minutes at 350. This time we added the chips at the start, but I think it might go better if I add them after I change the temperature. As it was, all the chips melted and settled at the bottom. Adding them later might let them be more evenly distributed.

I also got to make pierogies. We did this last year too, but this time we had 2 fillings. 1 of potato and 1 of turkey. Emily and Leigh helped by adding the filling and sealing the pierogies, Joe made the fillings. I made the dough and cooked them. I’ll be posting recipes for these later too. It was everything a Thanksgiving should be, a wonderful time was had by all and there were great quantities of great food.

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