Croc o’ Stew

Emily and I made a croc pot stew. I really like how easy a croc pot makes a stew, throw a bunch of things in and let it sit. We didn’t really measure everything out, especially the spices, and I used too much chicken, but it turned out nicely. I completely forgot salt and pepper when adding spices, but that wasn’t a big deal as people could add their own and I added some at the end while we re-heated the stew at a friend’s place.

Croc Pot Chicken Stew


6 chicken breasts
4 carrots
4 red potatoes
2 scallions
1 onion
2 stalks celery
2 cups chicken broth
2 cups white wine
garlic powder
onion powder
2 bay leaves

The wine we used was Francis Coppola and it was suggested because it would be good for both cooking and drinking. As Emily just finished the bottle and the broth for the stew was good, I think that assessment was correct.


Place the chicken breasts in the bottom of the pot
Add the chicken broth
Cut the onions, into small squares
Cut the potato into medium squares
Place these on the chicken. You’ll want them in the liquid to make sure they get nice and soft
Slice the scallions, carrots and celery into thin slices.
Place these in pot
Add white wine
Top off pot with more veggies if you’d like to.
Add spices to taste. I have no idea how much of what I added as I just shook them in until I thought it was right.
Set on low, leave overnight.

Before serving, shread chicken, let stew at least 10 more minutes to get all the chicken flavored.

EDIT: I just put the meat on a sandwich and it was excellent. The croc pot might be a great way to make sandwich meat. Leave out the potatoes and you’ve got great sandwiches.

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