Pudding Cups

I’ve decided I want to have Jello in the fridge to have something to snack on that isn’t high in calories. Unfortunately, I don’t much like my pudding cups and it feels odd to make Jello in corningware custard cups. We went to the Crate & Barrel looking for more suitable pudding cups, perhaps just some without metal bases. They didn’t have any. What they did have that I’m hoping will work just as well were Martini and Margurita glasses!

They’re large enough that if I want to I can make a double portion, but should still be aesthetically pleasing with a single portion in them. They’re all hand-blown from recycled glass, so they have tiny bubbles trapped in the glass. It looks neat, but I keep trying to wash or dry the bubbles off until I look closer.

And they’re still good for beverages including alcohol, I can use them to cut pastry or peirogis, I can serve other dishes in them and there’s probably uses I haven’t thought of yet. I think they’ll be a good addition to my kitchen.

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2 Responses to Pudding Cups

  1. Ali says:

    Stefan – you must try Jello temptations Lemon Meringue. 100 calories each and tastes like the pie filing :-)

    • Stefan says:

      You know, I’ve seen those in the supermarket, but hadn’t gotten around to giving them a try. Now I will, thanks!